Christina School District Pilot Program with ADIBOT-S

Jun 30, 2021 | Books, Education uKit, Enterprise Robots, Jimu Robots

Hot off the heels of a successful launch of the ADIBOT UV-C Disinfection System at CES 2021, UBTECH Robotics partnered with Christina School District in Delaware to deploy four ADIBOT-S units into two of their schools. The pilot program objective was to assist with the precautionary measures the schools had already taken due to the pandemic to keep staff and students safe while running a hybrid-schedule of in-class participation.

The goal of the pilot program was to work with the school staff to add in an extra layer of protection to their daily routine that helped keep staff and students comfortable and safe while on school grounds.
At the start of the program, the initial feedback from 77% of the pilot program participants was that they would readily adopt another layer of disinfection if it were possible. But would ADIBOT work within their current workload?

At the end of the pilot program, 100% of the pilot program participants believed ADIBOT-S integrated into their existing classroom and school cleaning procedures efficiently. 89% of participants said ADIBOT-S was easy to use.

It was great to hear directly from the staff using and interacting with the ADIBOT system on how UBTECH can improve the product and continue to help streamline their workload while feeling more comfortable being on the front lines of the pandemic.

The district’s superintendent, Dan Shelton, said testing the ADIBOT system was one of several strategies they have investigated and invested as they work towards a new normal. “We need to get back to some sort of a new normal where our students are going to have what they need so that they can be successful. And we need to make sure that our teachers and our staff feel comfortable in the buildings, if we’re going to bring students back.”

UBTECH’s ADIBOT system provides a safe way to help schools, businesses and organizations open safely by inactivating 99.9% of harmful pathogens in areas where people need and want to be without the use of harmful chemicals or costly downtimes.

Click here to learn more about the ADIBOT system and how we can help add an additional layer of disinfecting power to your business or organization.


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